Queen of Procrastination

Anyone who’s known me for long has heard me refer to myself as the queen of procrastination. I’ve almost perfected it as an art form. I have a manuscript I’m rewriting. I was supposed to have chapter 9 done a week or so ago. I still haven’t gotten to it, because I constantly find something else that needs my attention. Like my two novel excerpts for a contest. The deadline is November 30. I’ve known this since September or October. I’ve known almost as long which manuscripts I wanted to use for my excerpts. Here it is, November 26, and I only have one of the excerpts revised to my liking. I started on the other one this morning, but I needed to check my email (which I hadn’t done since sometime Friday). In addition to the twenty-page excerpts, I also have to make sure my one-page synopses to go with them are perfect…well, as perfect as I can get any synopsis.

Now, you’ll notice that instead of working on the remaining excerpt and the synopses, or even chapter 9 of my rewrite, I’m writing a post on procrastination. Ah, there’s nothing like the internet for a procrastinator. There’s always something to keep you from what you’re trying to avoid.


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