This has been a really long four days, but I managed to revise my YA manuscript (which turned out to need more work than I thought). Now I just need an agent and a publisher. Someday, I’ll make it to publication with a novel! I’m too determined to see my work in print to give up. Of course, I’ll keep improving my writing as I seek publication. I don’t think a writer ever gets to the point where there’s nothing left for them to learn or improve. But that’s half the fun. The other half is the writing. Oh, how I miss the creative process of working on something new! But I go through that every time I’m working on revisions. Tomorrow, I’ll be creative. For now, I plan to chill out and relax after revising an entire novel in a weekend. I don’t recommend an adventure like that for the faint of heart. Trust me, I didn’t think I’ve ever get it done.

On to the difficult (haha) task of relaxing!


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