I’m beginning to understand how crazy the life of a beginning writer can be. Between submissions, requesting guidelines, sending out queries, researching markets, and the actual writing it quickly turns into a full-time job. Since I belong to critique groups, I also get to practice my editing skills. That’s a very good thing since I’m looking for paying editing/proofreading work. Job-seeking just adds to the chaos of my life right now. Add in the normal craziness of the holiday season, and I’m happily busy. It’s so great to feel like my career is moving forward! It’s slow progress with many obstacles along the way, but it is progress.

Those who think the life of a writer is a laid-back easy one should try to become a successful writer. The point I’m at now has taken seven years of trial and error, countless rejections that helped me develop a thick skin, reading a ton of information on writing and editing, and learning where to look for markets. I’ve had days when I thought the idea of freelancing was an unreachable goal. I’ve even had days that I considered giving up writing completely. But writing is a huge part of who I am. I can’t give it up any more that I could give up my right arm (I’m right-handed). I always come back, occasionally wondering if I’m insane for putting myself through the grueling ordeal of trying to get published. I’m still working on that one, but I do have a short story getting published in late March, and I’m coming up with more ideas for work to send out to magazines and online publications. Within the last week, I’ve come across two leads on editing jobs that I’m actually qualified for. It’s very frustrating to know you can do the work, yet get told you’re not qualified because you don’t have a college degree. These two job leads, however, leave me believing I really can find an editing job.

Rays of sunlight are shining through the clouds. Life is good, and hopefully will only get better.


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