Christmas is past and New Year’s is just around the corner. This means free time to write! Unfortunately, my free time coincides with everyone else taking a vacation. Which means I have to wait until the middle of next week to contact anyone I need to talk to about one thing or another. The writing continues, but I won’t know if I need to create my own lyrics for a scene in a book for a while. I’ll just have to write the scene with the lyrics I’d like to use, then see if I can get permission to use them in the finished product. If not, I’ll have to pretend to be a lyricist and come up with something that will work just as well.

I’m pretty much spending the week in a holding pattern of sorts. Querying anyone this week would be a bad idea. The people I need to talk to about requesting permission to use those lyrics are out of the office until next Wednesday. I need to get in contact with a couple of people about possible jobs, but not until after the first of the year. I need to try to get guidelines for a magazine, but not this week. This is probably the worst week of the year to do anything business-related.


This is what I get for having vacation time at the same time as everyone else. After a few days of family, too much sugar, and ignoring the proposal I need to work on, I’m ready to face the business side of writing again. While I wait for the people I need to contact to get back from their vacations, I have plenty to do. There’s still that proposal to work on, a book I need to finish critiquing, and some writing that’s calling my name.

You gotta love this business. Even when things slow down, there’s still something you can do.


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