What a Week

So, I entered the Surprisingly Essential First Page Challenge over on Nathan Bransford’s blog. Since my entry is one of around 675 or so, I don’t hold out much hope of getting picked as a finalist. There are a couple of bloggers doing critiques of the pages, though, so I’ll get some feedback on the page. Knowing how it hits people who don’t know me and are completely impartial is invaluable.

As for the contest, I’ll be checking Nathan’s blog often for the list of finalists. One can always hope their writing is able to compete with the many talented writers who entered, right? Besides, I have to make sure my favorite blogging agent survives the insanity that is this contest. He and his friend Holly, who is the other judge, are awesome for volunteering to read so many first pages.

On to other news. My editing job is going well (in my opinion, anyway). I’ve got a ton of new story ideas, some of which might pan out and others I have no doubt will fail. This morning, I wrote most of an outline for a story I’ve wanted to write for a while. It just took me until today to figure out how to write it. Of course, the outline looks more like a synopsis than an actual outline, and I’ll probably stray from it as I get into the story and get to know my characters a little better. The basic premise of the story will stay the same, however, since I’m loosely basing it on a Bible story.

Well, that’s enough procrastination, I mean, blogging for one day. Time to get back to work. Happy writing!


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