Interesting Things From Around the Internet

Thanks to visiting blogs and receiving newsletters from places like, Publishers Marketplace, and Guide to Literary Agents, I’ve come across several interesting things this week.

Writer’s Digest has published their annual list of 101 Best Websites for Writers. This is always a fun list to look through, and I’ve found some amazing places in the past I didn’t even know about until I looked through the list. I will warn you, going through the list and visiting the sites will keep you busy for hours.

On Jane Friedman’s blog over at Writer’s Digest, she has an interesting post titled The Secret to Effective Marketing and Self-Promotion. Interesting stuff and so true.

Jonathan Lyons from Lyons Literary, LLC has a series of posts on his blog where he answers questions he’s received from writers. Be sure to continue on to the older posts so you don’t miss any of the useful information he gives.

The last interesting thing from around the Internet I have to share today is the OLPC XO-2, which is scheduled to be released in 2010. It’s the second generation of the OLPC XO laptop. The maker’s goal is to have a laptop to every child. What I love about the XO-2 is that it folds like a book and isn’t much bigger than one. Talk about the ultimate e-reader! How could would it be to have a reader that you hold like a book? It also works as a laptop, which makes it that much better. My only issue, and it’s a minor one, is that there’s no external keyboard. It has touchscreen technology, which is great, but I have to wonder how uncomfortable it would be to type anything like a report on a hard surface. If there’s a way to connect a regular keyboard to it, I’m going to seriously consider taking part in the Give 1, Get 1 program (which starts up again in August or September), assuming it will apply to the XO-2.

That’s all I have from around the Internet for now. If you know of any other interesting writing or publishing related things, please share it with me. You never know, I might add it to a post in the future.


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