"On the Run" is back!

Some of you may remember I mentioned a romantic suspense novel titled On the Run a few months ago. Well, there was a glitch with the charity all the proceeds were supposed to go to, and the book was pulled from publication.

Here’s the good news. On the Run by Judith Rochelle has been revised and a new charity will receive all the proceeds. The book was re-released on Sunday by The Wild Rose Press and can be purchased in either e-book or print format. Every cent that would normally go to the author, editor, cover artist, etc. will instead go to the Victims Advocacy Office of the San Antonio Police Department.

From the official release announcement for On the Run:

This charity is located in San Antonio, Texas where "On the Run" is
set. It is also a charity that compliments the book perfectly as it
deals with the worst kind of violence today - domestic violence. The
Victims Advocacy Office of the San Antonio Police Department
is thrilled to be a part of this project with us.

"On the Run" will sell as an ebook for the usual $6.00 and is also
available in print. Please help us help this wonderful organization
do the kind of work that is so desperately needed for women and
children of this horrible violence.

As part of this project, The Wild Rose Press will be donating books
to the shelter that is funded by this office. Judith Rochelle will
also be doing a book signing for the shelter.

For more information you may visit Judith Rochelle's web site www.judithrochelle.com or contact Rhonda Penders at

So, if you’re looking for a good romantic suspense novel and want to support a good cause, stop by The Wild Rose Press website and order a copy of On the Run!


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