Another Point for Kindle…

I learned through Publishers Lunch that more Christian publishers are making their lists available for Kindle. You can read the press release from for more details.

While making more Christian books available to Kindle owners is a very cool move, it makes me wonder how long it will be before the Christian publishers and others turn their lists into ebooks compatible with other readers. Kindle is huge, it’s been all over the news and internet, yet it’s not the only e-reader out there, though it is one of the most expensive I’ve seen (there was one more expensive, but I can’t remember what it was).

I’d love to have an e-reader that allows me to read manuscripts and take notes on them, but the current version of Kindle has two major drawbacks for me: the price and several…I guess you could call them glitches that would drive me insane in a very short time. The more affordable e-readers I’ve seen don’t have the keyboard the Kindle has and not all of them allow you to transfer Microsoft Word or text documents to them. Personally, I’ll wait for a later version of the Kindle, which should be more affordable and will (hopefully) have the design flaws corrected.

If you’re thinking of buying a Kindle, there are reviews of the thing everywhere. Most either praise it profusely or tell readers how bad it is, but there’s one that gives both the good and the bad pretty equally. Literary agent Nathan Bransford recently bought a Kindle, and as a kindness to his blog readers, he posted what he’s learned about it since getting it. I think his review gives a good picture of what the current version of the Kindle is like and provides enough information to help someone who’s considering buying one make an informed decision.


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