How Nerdy…

I ordered some books last week and expected to receive them late this week. Imagine my surprise and joy when I received them yesterday. Here’s the part that makes me a nerd:

I got excited over my new dictionary arriving.

Yes, I couldn’t wait to remove the plastic and open it up. I looked up a couple of words, ecstatic that it tells me when most of the words came into usage (very helpful when writing or editing a historical novel). It’s beautiful.

If that’s not nerdy enough, wait until you hear about the other two books: another dictionary and a style manual. My reference library has grown, and I’m happier than a little kid on Christmas who got everything she asked for and more.

I admit it, my geek is showing. But why would I want to hide it when my geek is what got me the career I’m in? That love of books and the English language is what led me to become a writer and an editor. The books I now have will help me in both of those jobs.

Now all I need to do is buy about a dozen more reference books (a list which grows and changes on a regular basis) and wait for the next version of Kindle, which will hopefully come down in price to something affordable and have the minor design flaws fixed. Books and technology…you can’t go wrong, even if it does bring your nerdiness to light.

Nerds (and geeks) unite!


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