It’s Font-tastic!

I needed to find a certain font, so I went to a couple of websites that had been recommended to me. I didn’t find the font I needed, but wow! There are some awesome fonts I never knew existed! One of them would be perfect for a Halloween promotion. The letters have skulls decorating them. One site had an entire category labeled Horror Fonts. The fonts people create amaze me. Not only can you find your standard Arial or Comic Sans, there are hundreds—possibly thousands—of nifty fonts out there.

Until today, I didn’t know I could download a font that looks like it might be used on a store sign in Tokyo. Want to add a little Celtic flair to your words? There’s a font for it. You name it, you can probably find a font that looks like it or at least comes close to what you want. There’s even a font with creepy little faces full of fangs for kids. I can picture elementary school age boys in particular loving that one.

One thing I learned in my browsing through a multitude of fonts is that I can download a Mkhedruli font. That’s the modern Georgian language, which I think is beautiful. Something else I learned is that if I have the time and patience, I can insert the Georgian letters using Arial Unicode MS. You can do the same thing with several other alphabets, including Bengali and Kannada. How cool is that?

I never did find the font I was looking for, but that’s okay. I found an entire art form I didn’t realize existed. The designers of the fonts I saw today are such creative people and sometimes downright artistic. If you’re looking for an awesome font to liven up that flyer you need to make or your website, or you’re just looking for something fun to do, I highly recommend checking out some of the free font sites out there. My two favorites out of the ones I visited today were and Simply the Best Fonts. I’m sure there are dozens more out there with free fonts as well.

Have fun looking through all the fonts. I plan to go back to those sites and download a couple of fonts myself. As I keep saying, those font creators have done some awesome work!


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