Today is September 11. It’s been seven years since the terrorist attacks that killed nearly three thousand people in New York City, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Is the world a safer place now than it was then? I have no idea. Our country’s security is stronger, but the world at large is still pretty unstable. There will likely always be security problems all over the world. Human nature is a wacky thing that tends to think violence is the answer for disagreements. As I’ve said for most of my life, violence doesn’t solve anything. It only exacerbates the problem.

That said, it’s important to know that while I may hate war in general (I don’t know of anyone in any country who likes war), I think going to Afghanistan and Iraq were necessary moves for our government to make. Through the effort and sacrifice of the brave men and women not only from the United States but several other countries as well, two countries who had been suffering under tyranny are now democracies. Those military operations destabilized both countries, but they now have a chance to rebuild into better places to live than they were when ruled by tyrannical dictators.

Today is the perfect opportunity to remember not only the nearly three thousand lives lost seven years ago, but also all of the men and women who have sacrificed everything to serve their country. Thank you to everyone currently serving to make the world a better place. A big thank you also goes out to the men and women who have served in the past. You and your families all have my gratitude for the sacrifices you’ve made in the name of freedom, not only freedom for our country but freedom for others as well. You are appreciated.


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