Taking a Crochet Break

I have an admission to make. I enjoy crocheting a great deal. Now, that won’t be surprising to anyone who knows me. I’ve crocheted for years. But here’s something not everyone knows, mainly because I made the decision Sunday afternoon. I’m going to learn to knit. My goal is to know at least the basics by the end of the year. As awesome as crocheting is, I would love to be able to make a cable-knit sweater. I rarely find sweaters that are long enough for my tastes (mid-thigh is my favorite length with sleeves that fall to my fingers) and cable-knit looks nifty. I doubt I’ll be able to knit cables by the end of the year. I’ll be happy if I can knit and purl with the same ease as I can crochet.

I know, I normally connect everything to writing or editing. This time, however, there’s no connection to my writing. Needlecrafts are something I enjoy when I take a break from writing. Taking an afternoon to crochet or work on cross-stitch leaves me feeling refreshed when I go back to working with words.

All writers and editors need the occasional break from the written word to keep from getting burned out. If you always write and edit and never do anything just for the fun of it, you can lose your excitement for written words. An afternoon away from the computer is a great way to come back to your work refreshed and enthusiastic once more.

Crocheting is one of my favorite “downtime” activities. What do you enjoy doing when taking a break from words?


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