Eek! Sent the revisions…

I sent my revisions to the editor yesterday. I had to rewrite a tiny bit, so I hope she likes what I did. With any luck, the story won’t need much in the way of editing at this point. I think it looks pretty clean now, but I’m the author and have a hard time stepping back to look at it objectively. That’s one reason I love editors. They catch the myriad little things an author is bound to miss.

I’ve decided to try my hand writing short romances and other stories to sell to a variety of markets. I found one in Australia that looks pretty good and they accept international submissions. Yay! Of course, the odds are great that I’ll get rejected, since they get a ton of submissions every year and have a much smaller number of slots to fill. Still, the only way to guarantee I won’t get something published there is to never submit. I learned a long time ago that the only way to become a published author is to submit, regardless of how long a shot the market might be. If I never submit, I can guarantee I’ll never get published.

I’m on the look out for more paying markets for my short stuff. I went the non-paying market route and had some success there, but like so many have discovered, if I’m going to put in the hours to write and revise a story, I think it’s only fair that I get paid for that work. Now, that doesn’t mean I’ll never submit to a non-paying market again. Sometimes that’s the perfect market for a particular piece. But for now, I need to try to get paid for my writing. Blame it on the economy.

If anyone knows of paying markets for short stories (500 words and up), please share! Writers helping writers is what this blog is all about…well, that and my sometimes crazy life. Have a great week and check back Thursday for an update about my learning-to-knit adventure.


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