Facebook loves me!

I signed up for Facebook under my author name, and it’s been a struggle to get my author name to show because it involves initials instead of my first name. Over the weekend, I finally gave up trying to figure it out on my own and sent Facebook a message explaining my dilemma. They responded with a message telling my I had to use my full name, which would mean no author name for me since I go by E.A. West.

Needlees to say, I was doing a little beating of the head on the desk.

Yesterday morning, I logged into Facebook to try once more to at least get their system to allow me to use two initials for my middle name. I received the greatest surprise ever when I looked at my name. It reads: E.A. West!

If I could give whoever fixed it for me a hug, I would. I’d send them a humongous thank you if I knew where to send it. I spent two weeks struggling to find a way to get my author name to show and had just about given it up for good (which would have meant no E.A. West on Facebook with any name). Now, thanks to some kind soul, I have my author page and am extremely grateful to someone (either an administrator, a programmer, or both).

Moral of the story: If you’re having problems, ask for help. They just might be able to solve your dilemma, even when all seems hopeless.

Thank you, Facebook! You guys are awesome!


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