I finally have that website I’ve mentioned off and on for months! Check it out: http://eawest.mcphitty.com. I can’t take the credit for the beautiful design, however. I only provided the copy for the site. My brilliant computer science instructor brother built the site for me. He did an amazing job, and yes, I’ve told him several times how much I love it.

One of my goals is to learn XHTML (something my brother says is essential to web design). Until I do, however, my awesome brother has promised to update my site whenever necessary. All I have to do is send him new content.

My other piece of exciting news involves Dreams Do Come True, my short story contracted by The Wild Rose Press. I have a release date! Dreams Do Come True will be released July 1, 2009. I can hardly wait! Of course, I have a ton of work between now and then to learn how to promote an e-book, plus doing the actual promotion. For now, however, I’m still doing the happy dance! Learning promotion can wait until after Christmas.

Have a marvelous week and enjoy this wonderful season of giving and love!


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