Not just any Tuesday…

Today, our great nation makes history. Not only will our new president be inaugurated, our first black president will be inaugurated.

That statement is probably the only time I will ever mention race in reference to the President. Blame it on listening to too many reporters. I’m just happy to have a president who appears to have the necessary skill and diplomacy to fix so many of the problems we face not just here in the United States, but worldwide. Finally, someone who is going to focus on the war in Afghanistan so our military members can come home!

I normally try to avoid talking politics on here, but today’s events aren’t just politics, they’re history. I must admit the election last year is viewed as the start of something big. Today’s inauguration is just another step in that direction.

Will Barack Obama be able to live up to the lofty expectations the American public have placed on his shoulders? I have no clue. I doubt anyone else does, either. All I can say for sure is that he’ll do his best.

I’ll be praying for our new president and all of our country’s leaders. They have a difficult task ahead of them, and they’re going to have tough decisions to make. I wish the Obama administration the best of luck as they guide the United States through these difficult times.


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