Kids and writing…

My three-year-old niece found me this morning wanting to watch “cah-doons.” Of course, I had to oblige with some educational cartoons on PBS. She’s positively adorable, and so is her three-week-old brother. I love the two of them, wouldn’t trade time with them for anything, but having a preschooler and an infant in the house definitely make for some difficult writing.

Between giggles, cries, and a sweet little girl voice saying “love oo,” it’s a little hard to concentrate until after they’re asleep. And then I have to visit with my sister and brother-in-law for a little while, so by the time I get to writing it’s ten or eleven at night. Since I’m a night owl, it’s not too big a problem, until eight in the morning when a little voice wants to “watch cah-doons.”

As I write this, I’m being handed Legos while that sweet little voice tells me “You hep.” She’s not quite coordinated enough to put them together on her own yet, so I get to put them together for her under her instruction. In order to finish this post, I’ve made a deal with her. If she lets me finish typing this, I’ll help her with the Legos.

The other fun part of all of this? The shih tzu I acquired several months ago. He gets along marvelously with my niece, licking fingers and toes and getting so excited when she giggles. He ignores my nephew, unless he’s crying, and then the dog gives me a “fix it” look. No, the fun part is that my little shih tzu is getting clingy. He needs more hugs and attention than usual.

Of course, the dog is easy to write with. He lies beside me, I pet him between paragraphs, and we’re both happy. Dogs are so easy to please.

Well, I’m off to put some Legos together. Have a great Tuesday, and for those of you getting snowed on like I am, enjoy the fluffy whiteness. It’s beautiful.


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