Ugh, taxes…and an update

I survived filling out my taxes! Woohoo!

Have I ever mentioned how much of a pain a tax form can be? I’m sure many of you already know how exasperating filling out those forms can be. The important thing is that I survived it and don’t have to worry about it for another year.

Now that the taxing (pun intended) part of this post is out of the way, it’s time for an update to my last post. My big orange kitty, the one who was seventeen and a half, passed away Sunday afternoon. I’m sure all of you pet owners can sympathize with what I’m going through, like expecting him to yowl and beg for treats when I’m trying to cook, thinking I’ll walk into a room and see him lying there only to realize that will never happen again, etc. I miss my cat, and it’s probably going to take me a long time to quit wishing he could curl up in my lap while I’m on the computer.

But there is a good side to this. I do have another cat, a pretty little gray tabby, who’s been friendly and sweet since I got her. Last weekend, however, she became more cuddly than she’s ever been. She’s a pacer, meaning she doesn’t hold still (usually); she paces and rubs her head against people when she’s feeling affectionate. But last weekend, she started curling up beside me while I’m on the computer and she’s giving me a lot more attention. It’s almost like she’s letting me know we both miss her kitty brother, but she’s here to be my loving writing buddy.

The little shih tzu I took in last year is also being a total sweetheart, and so is my big brown mutt of a dog. I’ve realized in the last few days that the one of the best ways to survive losing a pet who’s become a member of the family is to have other pets to love and be loved by. Can you tell I’m an animal lover?

On a completely unrelated note, the first of the Easter Lilies stories was released by White Rose Publishing today. Last year, White Rose held a short story contest called Easter Lilies. The three winners were guaranteed a contract for publication, with release dates on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Easter.

Now that the background is out of the way, here’s the important info: titles and where to buy them.

Thursday’s release is Under the 5th Street Bridge by Carla Rossi

Friday’s release is Wildflower in Bloom by Janelle Ashley

And Saturday’s release is By Another Name by Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig

Have a happy Easter everyone!


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