Dreams Do Come True — Excerpt

My inspirational romance, Dreams Do Come True, will be available tomorrow from White Rose Publishing! In honor of the release, here’s a sneak peek at the story for your enjoyment:

Gayle glanced at the envelope in Cassie’s hand and nodded toward the vacant end of the counter. Cassie went to the seat at the very end and laid the envelope in front of her. She needed Gayle’s moral support when she opened this one. The publisher she’d submitted to was the perfect match for her book, and she’d spent nearly a month on the submission package to make sure it was perfect.

Gayle finally finished serving the elderly man and joined Cassie. “Be brave.”

Cassie managed a weak smile and prayed for strength as she picked up the envelope. A moment later, she pulled out her submission package and what appeared to be a form letter. She got as far as “We regret…” before she dropped the stack of papers on the counter and lowered her head to her hands with a moan. “Not again!”

The strip of bells hanging on the door jangled before Gayle could reply. She gave Cassie’s arm a consoling pat, and then went to tend the new customer.

Cassie brushed her long hair from her eyes as she lifted her head and reached for the rejection letter, hoping it contained some clue as to why they didn’t want her novel. Her gaze briefly went to the new customer. His gorgeous movie cowboy appearance caught her attention and made her heart do a two-step. Dark-haired and blue-eyed, he stood at least six foot two and had wide shoulders that tapered down to a trim waist. He’d tucked his white shirt into a pair of jeans that fit oh-so-perfectly on his hips. The sleeves were rolled up to reveal tanned, well-toned forearms. He smiled as he spoke to Gayle, and Cassie decided receiving another rejection letter was almost worth it to see this amazing specimen of a man.


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