Coming Soon — Light in the Darkness

I’m so excited! My newest ebook, Light in the Darkness, will be available soon from Sea Crest eBooks. Want to know more about this story with an awesome cover? Here’s the blurb:

Kennedy Drake loves exploring dark places, which makes his job as a graveyard shift security guard ideal. While checking out strange noises in his elderly neighbor’s basement, he discovers a hidden room with a woman trapped inside. Chastity Mooreland has more to fear than her time trapped in darkness. Will Kennedy believe her bizarre tale of a stalker no one thinks is guilty—and will he help free her from a life of despair? Can Chastity look past her suspicion of mankind to accept his offer of friendship?

I’m looking forward to the release of this one. It’s quite a bit different from Dreams Do Come True. For one thing, it’s not a romance. Another difference is that it’s written entirely from Kennedy’s point of view. I’ll admit right now that thinking like a man isn’t always easy. David Jameson in Dreams Do Come True was my first attempt at writing the male POV. I learned a lot through that adventure, and I think I did pretty well writing Light in the Darkness from Kennedy’s perspective. Time (and readers/reviews) will tell.

Just as soon as I know the release date, I’ll post it here. Have a great Monday!


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