For The Sweetest Romance Authors Scavenger Hunt

The bufo marinus, also known as the cane toad, is a critter Floridians may recognize. These huge toads, which can weigh up to four pounds, aren’t native to Florida, however. They come from Central America and South America. Cane toads are the most introduced species of amphibian in the world.

These little (or big) guys were introduced to help control insects that attack sugarcane. While they did serve their purpose, they are now well-established in many places other than their native lands.

Cane toads are omnivorous and will eat just about anything, including dog and cat food. They’re most active at night, so a bright sunny afternoon is not likely the best time to go looking for one. And should you decide to look for a cane toad, remember that the secretions from their skin are highly toxic. It’s known to sicken or kill small animals, such as cats and dogs. The secretions may also cause skin irritation or burn the eyes of humans, so stop and think carefully for a moment before handling one of these enormous toads.

If you’re still curious about the bufo marinus, check out this neat fact sheet.

Chatters from The Sweetest Romance Authors chat, here’s the link to your next clue:

Good luck and enjoy the rest of the chat! For more information on The Sweetest Romance Authors and Readers, check out the group’s page.


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