I’ve always loved the idea of a bibliocat. What author wouldn’t want a cat who loves books as much as she does? I’ve just never had the pleasure of owning one…until now.

About a week ago, I adopted the most adorable black tabby kitten. Sergei is a sweet little boy kitty, who can be ornery or cuddly, depending on how sleepy he is. He loves affection and shares it freely. Some of his favorite places to sleep are bookshelves and the book on my nightstand. He curls up in my lap when I’m writing, reading, or editing. Yes, I think this kitten may love the written word as much as his human.

As I write this post, Sergei is curled up within easy petting distance on the bookshelf right beside my computer. He has books next to him, an educational catalog underneath him, and a notebook right beside his head. I wonder what he’d write if he knew how?

A couple of years ago, I wrote a story from the perspective of a kitten. I based the thing on my memories of my last cat’s kittenhood, which had ended several years before I wrote the story. Thanks to Sergei, I’m thinking about that story again and wondering where I could submit it. The little guy is proving that all of the kitten observation I did all those years ago was useful; Sergei could easily be the kitten in my story, even though it’s very loosely based on a different kitten.

This all goes to show that everything is fodder for a writer, even a new kitten. My little bibliocat in training is sure to make a cameo appearance in a story at some point. I’ve already considered adding his fictional counterpart to one of my young adult WIPs. Since the main character loves cats, but doesn’t currently have one, she’s a perfect candidate for her father to surprise with a kitten. While this fictional kitten may not be a sweet little black tabby, it will undoubtedly share at least some of the same personality traits as my little Sergei. And who knows? Maybe I’ll make the fictional kitten a bibliocat in the making. After all, people aren’t the only ones who enjoy books.


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