Call for Guest Bloggers

I’ve had Autism Awareness Month on my mind since shortly after the first of the year. I know it’s not until April, but the autism spectrum is never far from my mind, since I live it every day. Why am I bringing this up now? Simple. I plan to devote the entire month of April on this blog to raising awareness about what autism really is. As part of this goal, I’m seeking guest bloggers.

From years past, I know April will be flooded with negative things about autism spectrum disorders, calls for a cure (which many autistics, myself included, do NOT want), horror stories about how much the family suffers, myths about what people on the spectrum feel (or don’t feel, depending on the myth), etc. What I want to do is give people a look at the positive side of the autism spectrum, the things that make us unique, our special talents, success stories, etc. The difficulties faced by those on the spectrum and how you or a loved one overcame them is a great topic as well. I’m hoping by devoting April to autism, the guest bloggers and I can raise awareness about the reality of autism.

Let’s raise awareness of the side of autism that tends to be ignored, the side that proves autism isn’t a horrible disease that brings a halt to a person’s ability to live a fulfilling life. Let’s show the world we like who we are and that a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder isn’t a death sentence.

Are you on the autism spectrum or married to someone who is? Do you have kids who are on the spectrum? Close friends or colleagues? If so, and you’re interested in writing a guest post for Autism Awareness Month, please email me at authoreawest AT gmail DOT com. Be sure to put “Autism Awareness Guest” in the subject line.


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