Okay, sweetie, it’s time for a new post…

Yeah, I admit the title is a little strange this time. But trust me, it’ll make more sense in a moment. You see, this week’s topic is terms of endearment.

I was looking out my office window this morning at the beautiful sunny day, and my mind wandered to the romance novels I’ve read recently. Have you ever noticed how there always seems to be at least one term of endearment used in every romance novel? Of course, it’s usually the same few terms used again and again by authors: baby, dear, honey, sweetheart. This got me thinking. Just how many terms of endearment are there?

So, I’ve decided to list the ones I’ve heard or read. Okay, here we go (similar terms are grouped together):

Sweetheart, sweetie, sweetie pie

Sugar, sugar pie

Honey, hon, honey bear, honey pie

Love, lover, love of my life

Dear, dear heart



Baby, baby doll

Snuggle bunny,  snuggle bear

Huggy bear


If you know of any terms of endearment I missed, please add them in the comments section! As a romance author, I’m always looking for fresh ways to show my characters care about each other. And if you can imagine one of your characters using a term from my list, feel free to grab it. I’m all for writers helping each other.


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