Overcoming Procrastination

The last week has been remarkably productive for me despite the fact that my habit of procrastinating keeps popping up. Of course, I have no doubt I would have gotten much more done had I focused on the tasks I needed to complete rather than wasting time.

So, here’s the question. How does one avoid procrastination and increase productivity?

Well, for me, I know what some of my ways of wasting time are, so I can avoid those activities until I complete the tasks waiting for me. Another thing that helps stop procrastination in it’s tracks is attitude. As one of my classmates has said a time or two, attitude equals altitude. What that means is that a positive attitude will help you reach a higher level of achievement while a negative attitude will keep you down. Procrastination, to me, isn’t a positive attitude for the pure and simple fact that it prevents me from doing what needs to be done. If I keep a positive attitude and tell myself, “I will get this done,” I’m likely to have a much better success rate.

Now, the next step in the process to overcoming procrastination is a little more difficult. I have to make a plan of action (To Do list) and actually follow through. All the positive thinking and determination in the world won’t do me a bit of good unless I follow through with action. It’s that following through and actually implementing my plan of action that usually gets me. I’ve learned in recent weeks that it’s not unusual for people on the autism spectrum to have trouble carrying out plans. Apparently, it has something to do with executive functioning, which I know I have difficulties with.

That said, I refuse to use it as an excuse. All it means to me is that I have to work a little harder to get things done. I may have to get help with prioritizing, but my family’s been great about things like that so far. Accountability is also a great motivator. If someone is looking over my shoulder and reminding me to finish something or a deadline is looming that I can’t miss, I have a much easier time getting the work done. Above all, I have to be willing to fight my way past whatever is holding me back and take that first step toward completing my To Do list. Once I get to work, I usually don’t have too much trouble continuing on until the task is done.

One thing I’ve learned (over and over and over) is that procrastination can be overcome if you’re determined to beat it. Since I have that determination (again) I know I’ll overcome this round of procrastinating.

Time to put what I’ve written here to practice and get to work on my writing-related To Do list. Have a happy Wednesday!


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