Meet Paisley

photograph of Rottweiler mix puppyFor quite some time now, I’ve been considering adopting a puppy. Two and a half weeks ago, I saw this photo and fell in love. This is Paisley, a Rottweiler mix puppy that was taken to my local animal shelter after she was found wandering in the street. One look at that little face, and I was a goner. Two weeks ago today, I brought the little girl home, and I love her more each day.

Of course, not everything has been perfect. She is a puppy, after all, and much younger than I originally thought. The shelter told me she was six to eight weeks old when she was brought in the Friday before I adopted her, so almost three weeks ago now. When I took her to meet her new vet a week after I adopted her, however, he told me she was barely six weeks old that day. Trust me when I say the younger the puppy, the more work it takes.

After two weeks, Paisley finally sleeps through the night instead of waking up every two hours needing to go out. Thankfully, she’s finally caught on to housebreaking pretty well, so I don’t have to clean up quite as manypuppy sleeping on its back and holding a chew rope accidents, although there’s usually still one or two a day. We’re getting there, but it’s a long journey. The unfortunate part of her sleeping through the night is that her sleep schedule and mine don’t quite coincide. She likes to go to bed by about eight or nine and get up between six and seven in the morning. This night owl is still trying to adjust to a much earlier morning than I’ve seen in years. I can’t hold Paisley’s love of early mornings against her, however. She’s just too darned adorable!

The other dogs in my family have taken to teaching Paisley how to be a dog. This is excellent, since she was taken from her litter way too two adult dogs and a puppy nappingyoung. Based on the vet’s estimate of her age, which I believe due to her development, she would have been removed from her litter when she was four or five weeks old. Ideally, puppies will stay with their litter and their mom until they’re seven or eight weeks old. Paisley’s young age has presented some challenges, but the older dogs are doing a great job of teaching her to bite gently, listen to the people, and get into harmless doggy mischief.

The cats also get along with their newest furry sister. Paisley loves to play with them, and my big male is teaching her to play like a cat. It’s so funny to watch a puppy pounce like a kitten. The female cat, however, finds such play beneath her. Instead, she likes to sit and stare at Paisley, giving no reaction to the puppy’s invitations to play. After a while, Paisley gets tired of trying to get the kitty to play and wanders off to find her feline playmate or her doggy buddies.

I could go on for hours about my new puppy. She is such a sweetheaphotograph of a puppy turningrt and exactly what I hoped for. She loves to meet new people and go new places, which is awesome since I plan to take her more places as she gets older and learns better leash skills. For such a young puppy, she’s remarkably well behaved and is a smart little thing. She’s already learned to sit when she comes in from a trip outdoors and wait while I remove the leash…most of the time anyway. I figure consistency will come with age.

Have a great week, everyone!


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