Interview with Inspirational Fiction Author Lilly Maytree

Please give a warm welcome to today’s guest, author Lilly Maytree! Her first novel, Gold Trap, releases today from Harbourlight Books. In honor of that release, Lilly graciously agreed to answer a few questions about herself and her book.

E.A.:  Tell us a little about yourself.

Lilly:  I didn’t get here the way most people do, as I have said dozens of times in manyPhoto of Lilly Maytree different places. In fact, I shouldn’t really be here at all. But I had a dream in my heart that was so compelling God looked down on me and said, “Yes,” when everyone else in the world told me, “No.” Which only goes to show there is a place and purpose for even the most unusual of us, if only you will take even one hesitant step in that direction. To some (like me) even one step was a veritable leap of faith. That’s how it all started, anyway, and I have never been the same since.

E.A.:  Please tell us about your latest release.

Lilly:  GOLD TRAP is an inspirational adventure novel. Which is what I call the kind of books I write. It is set in West Africa, and tells the story of Meg Jennings, who takes a chance to step out of her ordinary life, in search of a destiny she isn’t even quite sure she has. I wish I could tell you it all went well for her. But as anyone who has ever stepped out on such a venture will admit, every evil thing (not to mention every pleasant thing) will come out and try to deter you from taking that particular road. Still, it was a shock when it happened to Meg, who thought having good intentions (and a commendable life) should at least count for something. Which, of course, it does. But it takes a little more than that to get yourself out of a crocodile infested river with two young men who…

Well, I better quit right there, or I’ll tell the whole thing.

E.A.:  That sounds like a great story! After that description, I’m sure everyone else is as curious as I am. Where can readers purchase a copy of your book?

Lilly:  They can order it wherever they like best to shop, in whatever venue they like best to read. My favorite place is, because not only can you find GOLD TRAP over there, but a virtual feast of good reading from good authors, whose books you can trust to give you more than just a good story. They can give you a healthier heart. Starting with the fact there’s a book to fit every budget, over there, and some are even free (if that doesn’t do your heart good, I don’t know what will). The other thing I like about shopping there, is you can actually meet the authors, personally. I just love that. Because authors make great friends.

E.A.:  Good books, affordable prices, and friendly authors–sounds like every reader’s dream! Out of curiosity, what made you want to be a writer?

Lilly:  My real life was boring, and I wanted desperately to be an adventurer. Writing (and reading!) not only gave me that outlet, it eventually turned me into a real-life adventurer. Well, I had no idea that would happen — what an amazing thing! Now, you can see why I’ve been hooked ever since. It certainly adds validity to that old saying, “whatever a man thinks, he can do…” Which also works  the opposite, so, be careful that what you let into your brain is only something you would like to have happen to you. But that’s another subject, altogether.

E.A.:  What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Lilly:  Reach for your dreams, dear ones. But most of all, learn your craft. Get great at it. Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but the art of communicating those ideas in such a way that people can adopt them for their own, requires skill. Talent aside, perfecting your writing skills will not only make you more sought after among readers, it will put you in the top ten percent of the rest of the competition out there. Not to mention what it will do to your own psyche to be absolutely brilliant at something.

E.A.:  Great advice, Lilly! If you had to pick a theme song for your book, what would it be and why?

Lilly:  It would be the quickening ebb and pull of African drums. The call of adventure is in them. And if you are one of those particular people who are destined to answer such a call, or do something adventurous one of these days, yourself, they will stir something in you. Just a hint, at first, but you will feel it. Before you know, you will find yourself thinking, maybe — just maybe — there is something more out there for me. Which, of course, there is.

So, if you’d like to test that out, you can do that over at, click on the “Study” tab (where I keep all my research curiosities I have collected while writing the book) and you’ll find a picture of African dancers about three-quarters of the way down the page on the left-hand side. Click on that picture (or the link beside it), and a dark screen will come up as the West African drum music starts to play. Then sit back, close your eyes, and listen for a few moments. I’m not saying it will take everyone to the same place. But GOLD TRAP is where it took me.

E.A.:  Where can readers learn more about you and your books?

Lilly: It’s the only way to reach me, actually, because I’m always off adventuring somewhere. It’s also the only way I can take my readers with me wherever I go… which is my absolute favorite thing to do.

E.A.:  Is there anything else you would like to add?

Lilly:  Yes, thank you so much for having me. And to your readers I would say that, until we meet again, “May the Lord bless you and keep you… make His face to shine upon you… may He look down from heaven UPON YOU (right now!), and give you peace.” (that’s a Lilly paraphrase of Numbers 6:24-26)

E.A.:  I like the Lilly paraphrase! It certainly brings the verses to a more personal level. Thank you for stopping by and congratulations on your new release!

Gold Trap cover imageTitle: Gold Trap

Author: Lilly Maytree

Publisher: Harbourlight Books

Book Description:

I simply wanted to step out of my ordinary life and find the Divine Appointment God had planned for me. I’d read about Mary Kinglsey, and it occurred to me that if I truly wanted to share an historical biography with my students, hers was it. So (with much trepidation) I booked the cheapest tour I could find to visit the Dark Continent of Africa. Who knew I’d meet a psychic named Vidalia (after the onion?) — not that I should have been surprised (after all, Bremen Tours specialized in “Voodoo relics of the Dark Continent,” or so it was emblazoned on their carry-alls, one of which I owned). But life got really strange when I met a mad (or was he drunk?) professor, a dashing prince (or possibly, the villain), a village headman (the warrior king? Or the prince of thieves?) and a witchdoctor who was neither witch nor doctor, but rather the sinister embodiment of a charlatan who preyed on tourists…and let’s not forget the man who started the whole mess—an embezzler-turned-kidnapper…of me! And that’s not to mention floating down a river full of crocodiles, two boys who wanted to hold me for ransom, an earthquake, a cave-in, the leopard in my bed, and a pink hippopotamus. In the end, my Divine Appointment from God held mystery, excitement and a whole lot more. Enjoy my adventure, Dear Reader, because I did!


10 thoughts on “Interview with Inspirational Fiction Author Lilly Maytree

  1. Congratulations on Gold Trap, Lilly. It sounds like an exciting and intriguing book with new things to experience while danger lurks. Congratulations on your writing and your adventures.

  2. Lilly, I wish I had come up with “feast of good reading” — what a perfect description. And I love the benediction. Sounds like I’ll fall in love with your writing as well.

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