Winners of The Key to Charlotte giveaway!

First, I want to thank everyone who commented on the blog tour. I appreciate each comment you left. You sure know how to make an author feel loved!

Now, without further ado, the two winners of the free PDF copies of The Key to Charlotte are:

Laurean Brooks


Tammy Ramey

Congratulations to you both! I hope you enjoy reading The Key to Charlotte.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this blog tour a success!

Cover image for The Key to CharlotteBlurb:

Charlotte Harris can’t speak due to a quirk in her autistic brain, but that doesn’t stop her from communicating with others. Unfortunately, it prevents her from achieving two of her dreams–to praise God through singing and to carry on a simple conversation with her own voice.

Zakaria Rush is the new Director of Children’s Ministries at Charlotte’s church, and he can’t keep his thoughts off the partially mute blonde with a love for guitar music. Her innocence and love of the simple things in life intrigue him and make him long to give her what she wants more than anything: her voice.

Can Zakaria help Charlotte find the key to unlocking her ability to speak, or will his attempt to help her only lock away their chance for love?


The Key to Charlotte is available in ebook formats from White Rose Publishing,, and Barnes & Noble, as well as other online retailers.


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