Sweet Saturday Sample – Riley’s Mission

It’s been a while since I mentioned my sweet romantic suspense, Riley’s Mission. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a brief taste of the story to whet your appetite:


Riley's Mission cover artRaised voices caught her attention and she opened her eyes. One of the voices spoke English, but the other shouted in Arabic. Jade’s heart raced and she trembled at the sound of the Arabic voice.

It couldn’t be him. She’d left him in a Syrian prison.

She climbed out of bed and went to the door. No matter how horrible she felt, she had to know if it was him. She followed the sound of the quieting voices and peered around the corner. In a glass-walled room lay Aziz Khadoul. He was having a heated discussion with a brown-haired man wearing an outfit identical to Gibson’s. The soldier looked almost like…

It couldn’t be. She hadn’t seen him since Kuwait. Jade backed away and leaned against the wall, fighting terror at the sight of the man responsible for her evacuation to the United States in the company of a man she knew well.

She made her way to an empty wheelchair parked a few feet away and dropped into the seat. Lowering her head to her hands, she tried to figure out how Khadoul had ended up in Grant County General Hospital. How had he even made it into the United States?

No matter how he’d gotten here, he couldn’t see her. He’d attempted to kill her before, and she had no doubt he’d try again, no matter how sick he was. Moisture stung her eyes. She’d fought so long and hard to stop him from killing anyone.

“Ma’am, are you all right?”

Jade lifted her head and found Gibson watching her. Before she could respond, she noticed the brown-haired man with him, the same man who had spoken with Khadoul.

She hadn’t been wrong.


Riley’s Mission is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers. You can also purchase a copy from The Wild Rose Press.

For links to more sweet excerpts, please visit Sweet Saturday Samples.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Sample – Riley’s Mission

  1. Oh nuts, what a ‘teaser’ that was. . .now I have to get up and clean residue from my remodeling job (to make room for yet another mess!) instead of heading for the book store!

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