Sweet Saturday Sample – Healing in Haven Falls

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and revisit my first romance featuring a veteran. Healing in Haven Falls is a short inspirational romance published by Pelican Book Group.

cover image for Healing in Haven FallsThe Haven Falls Community Center echoed with laughter of happy children and adults. Keith Burke leaned against the wall, wishing he were anywhere else. Why had he let his pastor talk him into coming?

Because Pastor Joe threatened to talk to Mom and Dad about my depression.

His parents couldn’t deal with any more. That’s why Keith had gone to his pastor in the first place. Seeing a professional counselor was out of the question, since it would mean explaining to his parents why he needed a ride to the appointment. The church was close enough for him to walk.

Of course, if he hadn’t lost the sight in one eye, he could probably drive himself wherever he needed to go. But wishing the past hadn’t happened changed nothing.

A woman came into the crowded room who didn’t look any happier to be here than he was. Keith straightened as he studied her. Shiny black hair brushed the tops of her shoulders, her tan complexion fairly glowed, and she had a figure to die for.

Maybe the pastor had done him a favor by insisting he come.

You can purchase a copy of Healing in Haven Falls from Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Pelican Book Group.

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