It’s coming… with a new cover

I know, I know. I fell off the blogging wagon again, but I had a really good excuse this time. For the last few weeks, I’ve been working at a furious pace to finish Finding the Way Back, a sweet romance with a hint of suspense. The edits are complete, with only a quick proofread left to do before publication. Who is the publisher, you ask? Me!

That’s right, I’m taking a journey into the realm of self-publishing with this novella. It’s been quite a ride so far, but I’m enjoying every step. Even the frustrating moments have taught me a lot and brought me a greater appreciation for what publishers do for their authors. Cover artists in particular are superheroes in my mind. After working to create my own cover, their skills and talent impress me even more. I must thank author Miss Mae for her excellent advice when my cover wasn’t turning out quite right. Thanks to her, I was able to re-work the cover into something I love.

Without further ado, here’s the brand-new cover for Finding the Way Back!

Finding the Way Back cover art

Look for the blurb next week, along with an announcement of the release date!


4 thoughts on “It’s coming… with a new cover

  1. E.A. Congratulations on tackling this project. With Miss Mae’s help on the cover, how could you go wrong? The cover fits the title. A beautiful road. You couldn’t find a better way to represent “Finding The Way Back.”

    I wish you mega sales and God’s blessings on this new release.

  2. Hi E.A. I wish you the best on this venture with your novella. I’m sure it will do well as I enjoyed the story of yours that I’ve read. Oh, how I’d like to find that road both literally and figuratively and then go down it and enjoy the journey. Larry

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