Read an Ebook Week – What are you reading?

Read an Ebook Week banner with a lady in a long dressIn case you haven’t heard, we’re in the midst of Read an Ebook Week (March 3-9). I must admit, I love ebooks. I love print books as well, but recently I’ve found myself reading more ebooks than print books simply because they’re readily available and a few dozen ebooks take up much less space than a few dozen print books. The lower cost of most ebooks is also a huge bonus for me. Instead of one print copy, I can purchase two or more ebooks for the same price. Who doesn’t want to save money and have more reading material?

Now for some shameless promotion (I am an ebook author, after all LOL). This week, through March 9, my romantic suspense Finding the Way Back is on sale for 50% off the regular price. All you have to do is go to Smashwords and enter the coupon code REW50 when you checkout to get the discount. While you’re on the site, be sure to check out the rest of the ebooks available at a discount during Read an Ebook Week.

If you’re looking for some clean romances and other fiction, hop on over to Astraea Press and check out their catalog. Yes, I’m a bit biased because they are one of my publishers, but they have some awesome books available written by some wonderful authors. If you’re curious about my sweet romances published by AP, look for Jordan’s Battle and Imperfect Beauty.

And finally, there are also some amazing Christian fiction ebooks available. Whether you enjoy inspirational romance or more mainstream Christian fiction, Pelican Book Group has you covered. They’re another of my publishers and publish quite a few talented authors. I have four ebooks published with them so far, all inspirational romances: Dreams Do Come True, Healing in Haven Falls, The Key to Charlotte, and Breath of Christmas.

That’s enough promotion for one post. What ebooks are you reading this week? Do you have any you’d like to recommend? Authors, feel free to mention your own ebooks!


12 thoughts on “Read an Ebook Week – What are you reading?

  1. I’d like to recommend my book Lucifer House published by Astraea Press, Lucifer House: After the death of her father, magazine editor, Olivia Gray has to get away for the holidays. The isolated coastal town or Pirates’ Point, Maine seems
    to be the perfect place. She meets Chris Wu, a former international pop star who had disappeared
    from the public view eight years earlier after a tragic car accident. Chris lives in Lucifer House, an ancient rock house overlooking the sea and believed to be haunted by the a 10 year old ghost,
    Charity Lucifer. After an accident temporarily cripples Chris, Olivia offers her help and is soon
    convinced Charity’s ghost is real and that the little girl is trying to get a message to Chris concerning the car accident and that someone in Pirates’ Point wants Chris dead.

  2. Looking for historical suspense? Then check out my three part series (book four coming soon)..The Renaissance Hearts Series. Start with There Your Heart Will Be Also to learn about Sarra and Cedric’s interesting meeting, then travel with Duncan to his home where he finds love in By God’s Grace, and lastly read Labor of Love and experience Grant’s heartache and new found relationship. for Kindle readers or to get you Nook readers started. Have a great day. 🙂

  3. I agree about liking my Kindle more than I ever thought I would. Sure, I too, still like the print, but I’m getting into the ebook craze as well.
    Please check out my ebook, THE BLESSING SEER, published through Harbourlight/Pelican Book Group. The sequel, BE THE BLESSING, is coming soon.

  4. Nice blog, E.A.! I don’t mind jumping in to say my books are sweet romance reads safe for your grandmother and granddaughter. I include humor, suspense…and dogs in my books. If you are interested in checking them out, I have a sweet romance western novella called Stolen Horses, Stolen Hearts for 99 cents. Check it out and then fly into my other full-length books.
    Sweet Cravings Publishing:
    Barnes and Noble:

  5. Hi- Let me in Welcome to Ontario’s Wilderness Country- Come, see the awesome scenery, and join in the adventures of the Asquinn Twins

    “It doesn’t matter what part of the world you flee to,” Martha told Curt. “You can’t hide from him. God knows where you are at all times. We will continue to pray for you”
    Curt nor Malcolm had any answer to this. Curt tried to form words but all that came out were garbled strangulation like noises.
    Martha looked at her twin, then Sherry, Kenny, and last, Matty. “The side of good won a victory. Curt, er, Conrad, and his evil influence will not be in Forest Lake directly anymore. Here’s your chance to be a witness to children of this community,” she said.

    Where the White Trillium flower blooms in spring-A vast area situated on the northern part of the province of Ontario, Canada where evil spirits rule this dark area.
    The Asquinn twins, Martha and Martin are only three years old when they leave their home in Wales and follow their missionary father, their mother with the baby, Ricky, in her arms, and six-year-old Kenny, into the Canadian north.
    The twins are delighted when their father decides to settle in Forest Lake. The family meet with another family, the Turhues. Matthew (Matty, six, and Charlotte, (Sherry) three. The children become good friends. Kenny and Sherry become engaged at ten and thirteen years of age to marry at a future date. Matty and Martha,( at the same age) are engaged and the two sets of parents see a double wedingwedding in their children’s future,
    Evil devil worshipers rule the land. These people do not scare the twins. When Curt Cameron, the ruler of the devil worshipers, and the same age as Kenny, reaches high school age, he and his half-brother, Malcolm, the same age as the twins, move from Forest Lake. The twins see this as a victory for Jesus as they will be able to witness to the children of Forest Lake.

    Grace Brooks is the author of A Dog For Keeps, a book published in Canada by Nelsen (Canada) and Charlesbridge in the United States. She was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, but the hamlet where she grew up, Sesekinika, will always be in her heart.

    Michael Keith Finch- A correctional officer who lives in Waco, Texas: “The Asquinn Twins Series could be used by anyone in charge of youth in any way as a manual.”

    Keith again: “These books are so good they ought to be on the bookshelves of every Christian bookstore and in the library of every Christian home.”

    “I can search endless hours for Christian literature on bookshelves but not find such high caliber Christian literature as Brooks writes.”troduce myself. My name is Heather Radford, author of the Asquinn Twins Series.

    You can buy this book in ebook format at:

  6. What a great thing to do, E.A.! I didn’t know you were published outside PBG. We authors know so little about each other, don’t we?

    I’m loving e-Books, although I too still love to hold an actual print book in my hand. For traveling, though, e-Readers can’t be beat.

    I write inspirational romance, and have several e-Books available, but rather than try to mention them all, I’ll just invite everyone to visit my Amazon page, where they’re all listed neatly together – plus, you’ll find other ways to contact me (blog, Twitter, etc.). Hope to see you there!

  7. Thanks, E.A., for the chance to say hello to your readers. I’m a Pelican author who writes allegorical Christian fantasy. Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

    Janalyn Voigt’s unique blend of adventure, romance, suspense, and fantasy creates worlds of beauty and danger for readers. Beginning with DawnSinger, her epic fantasy series, Tales of Faeraven, carries the reader into a land only imagined in dreams. Fantasy readers who enjoyed Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis, The Chronicles of Pern by Anne McCaffrey, or The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) trilogy by JRR Tolkien are sure to like DawnSinger.

    A headstrong young princess and the guardian sworn to protect her fly on winged horses to the Gate of Life above the Well of Light in a desperate bid to release the DawnKing, and the salvation he offers, into a divided land. Will they each learn in time that sometimes victory comes only through surrender?

  8. Got teens? Are they still interested in sex (too interested?)? A very user-friendly, if dangerous (I am a military dad after all, eager to protect what’s important!) resource for families, for church youth groups, for daughters and their would-be beaux. (AND I’m open to suggestions and artwork for the cover…)

    Great introductory price (FREE!) for you, your church, your daughter, the boy-who-thinks-he’s-in-love-with-your-daughter, your church youth group, etc…

    I remember a very foolish conversation I had one day when I was a teen. My path walking to school crossed right in front of Peggy’s house… One day walking home from school she invited me in the house—I don’t recall what led to that invitation now, nor how her father and I got into this conversation, but he was home that day, and we got to talking…. It might also help you to understand that Peggy’s dad happened to be a pastor of a very conservative church in the area.

    So he and I got into a conversation that somehow, though I recall not how at this point, turned to sexual behavior, and particularly sex before marriage. Though I was no biblical expert (yet HE was), though I had not thoroughly read every bit of the Bible (but HE had), and though I had no particular interest in his daughter (but HE sure did!), I DID have the fact that I THOUGHT myself brilliant, and might have had a LITTLE bit of arrogance on my side to boot! Armed with an equal abundance of hubris and ignorance (two more great words to look up, that would make this much more clear if you do!), I said to this father whom I KNEW to be a pastor, “I really don’t think the Bible says anything specifically about sex before marriage…”

  9. I just began Clare Revell’s Wednesday’s Child. If it’s anything like the first two, I’ll be spellbound.
    l have published the Frivolities Series with White Rose Publishing. Moselle’s Insurance, a reunion story, starts the series. Then Rainnn on My Parade and Sage and Sweetgrass tell the tales of older women finding the loves of their lives. Found in the Woods is a romance with suspense elements, and includes a wolf character. Then for some readers short on time, my dollar download is Lezlie’s Lifeline. Simpley search for my name in the author listing at
    Good blog E.A. and nice to see so many others here to celebrate ebooks!

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