Sweet Saturday Sample – Battlefield of the Heart

Here’s an excerpt from my new inspirational romance from Astraea Press, Battlefield of the Heart.


Battlefield of the Heart cover art“Your roommate’s worried about you.”

Danny’s eyebrows shot up. “He is?”

“Yeah.” Hopefully, she wasn’t causing trouble between the two of them with her honesty. “When you told me you were fine, he let me know he didn’t believe you.”

“Doesn’t surprise me.” He sighed, his gaze on the empty quad. “I figured out why they stuck me in with Greg. He’s a psychology major with a focus on counseling. I guess they figured someone like that would be the only one who could stand to live with me.”

“Are you that hard to get along with?”

“No, it’s just because of the PTSD. Not everyone can handle it.” He sent her a faint smile. “You’re one of the few who handles it well and doesn’t treat me like a freak.”

Cindy laid her hand on his shoulder. “I know how weird people can be. I mean, look at me. I’m twenty-one years old and sleep with a stuffed duck.”

“You do?” Danny looked skeptical.

She grinned and nodded. “If you ever come up to my room, you’ll see it. It’s all floppy and fluffy and yellow. Leann threatens to steal it from me on a regular basis.”

“Leann’s your roommate?”

“Right. She was the girl sitting next to Greg.” She’d had a feeling he hadn’t heard the introductions.

“I wondered where she came from. She’s kind of cute.”

A pang of jealousy surprised Cindy, and she lowered her hand. “Yeah, I guess she is. I’ve never really thought about it.”

Danny laughed. “You wouldn’t, would you? Though for all I know, you might go for that kind of thing.”

“Oh, please.” She rolled her eyes. “Girls are so not my type. You and Greg are much more my speed.”

A twinkle lit his eyes. “Oh, really? I’ll keep that in mind.”


You can purchase a copy of Battlefield of the Heart from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Astraea Press, and other online retailers.

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