New Release – Claiming His Heart by Tanya Hanson

Please welcome Tanya Hanson to The West Corner! She’s here today to talk about her newest inspirational romance, Claiming His Heart. Tanya has also kindly offered to give away a free Kindle copy of the book! Details on how to enter are below.

Claiming His Heart cover artBlurb:

Caught between a noose and a cave-in, Tulsa Sanderson must do anything possible to prove his brother’s innocence…even if it means marrying a gold miner’s daughter he just met. He needs every nugget and flake he can pull from her worn-out claim, but he sure doesn’t need a wife. Save his brother and he’ll be back on the Texas cattle trails. God, and trusting Him, are things of the past.

Charlotte Amalie lost her heart, her virtue, and her money to the last mysterious outsider who came to the valley. Faith? That’s wavered after too many family tragedies. But she has no choice but to wed the handsome Tull. He bears terrible family secrets that need to be kept behind closed doors. Although she’s eager to leave the valley to find a new life for herself and medical treatments for her wounded twin brother, her unwanted marriage douses her plans, yet stirs up hope and love for Tull…and begins to fortify her weakened faith.

Can the two of them find a future–and faith–together even with their haunted pasts?


He lifted his Stetson. Hard fingers ran against his scalp, ending at his neck to ease the tangle of nerves. The lost childhood, his dead ma, still tore his heart in two. But he had a chance to redeem it all, to save his brother—if these twins didn’t get in the way.

Then Charmlee’s eyes turned as hard as her voice, and she lifted her chin to stare straight in his eyes. “All right. I’m forced to agree this letter isn’t a forgery. But that doesn’t make you who you claim.” She raised an eyebrow. “Any thieving cowpoke could have collected that general delivery post and sought me out.”

Her smirk irked him. “I am who I claim. Make no mistake.”

“Well then,” Charmlee’s gray eyes narrowed and her voice slowed like a freezing creek. “Just how far would Mr. Tull Sanderson go to inherit his ‘birthright?’”

“How far? I already come all the way from Texas.”

She raised her eyebrows, and sashayed closer. “I mean, Daddy’s left a proviso. A requirement.”

“I will do anything,” he vowed, blood racing. Each day wasted brought his brother closer to doom.

“You sure about that? Well, I won’t, Mr. Tull. Make no mistake.” She was close enough now to whisper but be heard.

“What do you have to do with anything? You aren’t his kin. You said so yourself.” Tull tightened his fists in impatience.

“It seems I am the key, Mr. Tull.” Suddenly her gaze turned elsewhere. He froze. Like she was hatching plans to run off before settling things. But then she turned to him with a voice full of trembles, flicking the letter at him. “That key to your birthright, as you said. According to Daddy’s wishes, you don’t get a thing unless you marry me.”


Behind the Book:

photo of the meadow where Belleville stoodSetting this story in Holcomb Valley, near Big Bear Lake, California was easy for me. Upon a visit to the valley not long ago, I almost heard voices from the past. And Big Bear is one of my favorite vacation spots.

Holcomb Valley was once the richest gold strike in Southern California, and its mother lode has never been found. The road through the valley, as well several historical sites, are still maintained by the forestry service. I tried to stick Charmlee and Tull in these historic sites and use as many actual facts as I could. Of course, Spiggleville and its (hopefully) endearing residents are entirely fictional. And errors otherwise are due to literary license LOL.

photo of an arrastraThe meadow shot is where the real Belleville stood, a slapdash village named for the first baby born in the valley. Of course “Belle” Van Dusen is my heroine’s childhood chum. And this arrastra, a rock circle where hard quartz rock was crushed to find golf flakes, was run by donkey power. It plays a part in the story.

Giveaway details:

Want to win a Kindle copy of Claiming His Heart? Entering is simple. Just leave a comment before 11:59pm EST Sunday, November 15 answering this question: Is there a historical site you’ve visited that spoke to you?

A winner will be drawn on Monday, November 16 and notified by email, as well as announced on here. Good luck!

Where to buy the book:


Prairie Rose Publications

About the Author

Soul Food cover art and Tanya Hanson author photoTanya Hanson loves those cowboys and writes Western romance, both historical and contemporary, both sensual and inspirational. Also, she recently combined her love of history and her background teaching American Literature into a Young Adult romance writing as Anya Novikov. The story mixes the Salem Witch trials of 1692 with a clique of contemporary teens.

She lives on California’s Central Coast with her firefighter husband and considers their son and daughter the best thing she’s ever done. Volunteering at the local horse rescue is a treasured activity. Best of all are two little grandsons whom she considers the halves of her heart.


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