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A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. As an author I spend much more time working with words than pictures. Based on that experience, I think the saying may be slightly off. Depending on the picture, it could easily take more than one thousand words to accurately describe every element, capture every emotion, convey the feel of the photograph. Sometimes, a picture says it more easily than words, but there are three words every man, woman, and child crave from birth — I love you.

As a romance author, love is an important part of everything I write. So, when Astraea Press issued a challenge to its authors to write short stories that included love and diamonds, I had to accept it. Fifteen of those stories were compiled into an anthology, Love and Diamonds. I’m thrilled to have one of the stories in the book. The other fourteen authors are a talented group!

Love and Diamonds cover artHere’s the blurb for my contribution, “The Heart of Africa”:

For Mara Taylor, the beauty of diamonds is lost amongst the violence and poverty in Central African Republic. The mission she has dedicated her life to sits near rebel-controlled diamond mines, giving her a front row view of the devastation. When a pair of unconscious, injured children mysteriously appear on the mission’s doorstep, Mara must set aside her feelings and focus on helping the resident doctor, Gary Delaney, treat what appears to be the result of a mining accident. But can she look past the nightmare caused by greed and open her heart to love in the midst of a war-torn African nation?


The fifteen authors of Love and Diamonds are giving away six prize bundles. Visit the Giveaway page for a complete list of the prizes.

To Enter

Find the secret word on my blog (hint: look for the pretty picture with diamonds and roses) and enter it in the form here. That gives you one entry. For more entries, click on the banner below and visit the other participating blogs. Winners will be chosen on February 15, 2014 and announced on the Astraea Press Facebook page.



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