Second Chances Anthology Blog Tour

I’m thrilled to share Second Chances: A Love Anthology with you. The anthology contains five sweet romances, each featuring a “second chance” romance. All proceeds go to Hope in Christ Children’s Home in Newcastle, South Africa.

As part of the blog tour, we’re giving away two ebook bundles. Be sure to read to the end of the post and enter the giveaway!

Second Chances: A Love Anthology by E.A. West, Pravina Maharaj, Patricia Kiyono, Kathy Bosman, and Leenna Naidoo

Second Chances A Love Anthology cover artBook Description:

When a couple falls in love, sometimes their relationship doesn’t work out and they part ways. One day they may meet up again. The sparks fly. The hurtful memories rise to the surface. Is it possible for them to heal the rift between them and start all over again? Can they have a second chance at love? Or is it too late? Find out in this feel-good anthology of five unique, sweet romances. All proceeds go to charity: HIC Children’s Home, Newcastle, South Africa.

Story Descriptions:

Escaping the Past by E.A. West

When Felicia Coronado’s soon-to-be ex-husband kidnaps her daughter on a remote mountain road, she must rely on the assistance of a group of soldiers in the area for a training exercise. She’s stunned to discover the soldier in charge is the high school sweetheart she never thought she would see again. Lieutenant Mark Benson never stopped loving Felicia, even after she dumped him before their senior prom. Now, six years later, he learns the truth behind why she left him. Can he forgive her for the past and give her a chance for the future once her divorce is final, or will he help find her missing daughter and leave Felicia behind?

E.A. West is the author of sweet and inspirational romance.

Giovanni’s Christmas Bride by Pravina Maharaj

Italian billionaire Giovanni Ferruccio had sworn never to forgive Brennan Shaw for breaking off their engagement and marrying his cousin Anthony.

Five years later, when fate delivers a widowed Brennan and her young son Luca to Giovanni’s door, he is determined to discover the reason for Brennan’s betrayal. But after one too many kisses under the mistletoe, Giovanni realises he can’t let go off Brennan and wants to make her his Christmas bride.

Pravina Maharaj is the author of passionate, contemporary romances.

Flowers for Maddy by Patricia Kiyono

Maddy Benning’s life has been full of missed opportunities. She’s had to settle for commuting to local colleges rather than attending the school she and her high school boyfriend had chosen, and spend all her time either working or taking care of her mother. She’s resigned herself to a life void of excitement and love. Meeting Jake again opens new hurts—but can it lead to new joys?

Jake Warner gave up his teaching position to return to his Lake Michigan hometown and care for his father. But it looks like the job is more than he can handle on his own. While looking for appropriate care, he runs into a girl from his past. Years ago, their parting had been painful. But was there more to the story than he’d realized?

Patricia Kiyono writes both contemporary and historical sweet romance. She likes to incorporate the lakeside setting of her West Michigan home in her contemporary works.

His Treasure by Kathy Bosman

Bridget is the new chairlady for the Treasure Hunter’s Club, a hobby she’s taken up to fill the loneliness after breaking up with her boyfriend Dale. The magic has left her life too, or so it seems, because the magic matchmaking photo album told her Dale was the right man for her. So when her ex-boyfriend walks into the club meeting, she’s barely able to make her speech. Dale can’t believe he’s in the same room as the woman who broke his heart and made him lose interest in dating. Being together for a night might be too painful to bear.

Kath Bosman is the author of sweet contemporary and fantasy romances and occasionally other genres like fantasy or women’s fiction.

Three Million’s a Crowd by Leenna Naidoo

Munro Calliston needs to win a few million. Vivian Francis needs to win back Munro. The TV reality show Treasure Seekers seems the perfect route to a win-win situation…But can two so very wrongs ever make things right?

Leenna usually writes contemporary suspense with a dash of fantasy and romance. She also dabbles in science-fiction & fantasy, and blogs at


Second Chances: A Love Anthology is available exclusively at Amazon.


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Blog Tour – Mountain of Love and Danger by Gail Pallotta

Mountain of Love - Banner



TITLE – Mountain of Love and Danger
SERIES – Fairwilde Fairy Tale Reflections
AUTHOR – Gail Pallotta
GENRE – Mystery and Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 32, 440
PUBLISHER – Mountain Laurel Publishing / Create Space
COVER ARTIST – Vanessa Riley


Jackcover two best



Jack Greenthumb finds romance in Fairwilde Kingdom—a different day—a different girl. Then a cruel mystery begins. Dad’s beaten, the family farm destroyed and Jack’s true love, Gwendolyn Bante, kidnapped. Jack’s undercover operation reveals Gwenie’s a captive atop a mountain accessible only by helicopter. Reaching her is a dangerous expedition even for a champion rock climber like Jack. However, a Greenthumb Acres employee plants a miraculous seed from Heaven for the rescue. Suspense mounts as Jack scales the perilous cliff to face a brute and a treacherous descent in this retelling of the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk.





Lonely darkness fell around Jack as he slipped into his harness and put on his climbing shoes. He crept in and out of the moon’s shadows to the base of the alp and took hold of the strong plant, the itchy touch of it not a problem, the strength of it boosting his confidence. Fueled by the fire burning in his heart to find Gwenie, he stepped on the first node and glanced back. Just one quick look. He didn’t know why. Maybe something in his psyche wanted to see the ground from whence he’d come one last time in case he never set foot on it again.

He climbed up the next nodule and the next as fast as his feet and arms would take him. A sense of leaving the everyday world overwhelmed him as it always did when he climbed, but this time it wasn’t freeing. An eerie sensation sent shivers through his bones with every foot he scaled. The breaking of twigs, crunching of leaves, and howling noises below grew fainter and fainter as he ascended higher and higher.

“Whooo-whoo.” Halfway up he met an owl that turned its head in a circle as it sat on the highest limb of a towering oak. He pulled upward while pushing with his lower body as he passed boulders and scraggly bushes lit by the stars and moon. He searched with his right hand for the next node, found it, moved up and placed his foot on the spot where it had been. The jagged surface on this mountain could rip open a person in an instant, but it was Jack’s fear for Gwenie that gripped him. The yearning to hold her safe in his arms seeped deeper into his pores each time he forged upward.

His body ached as he pulled with nerves wound as tight as a corkscrew for wanting to hurry to the top. Soon his leg muscles cramped. A gray piece of granite jutting out like the seat of a chair with a slab for a back tempted him. How could he rest after what he’d done to Gwenie? He had to keep moving, but what if his arms and legs gave out, and he never reached her? His head throbbed with decision making.

Just for a second he let go of the living pole. His foot slipped, and he slid down the precipice, debris rolling, crashing beneath him until the belay caught the rope and stopped his fall. His head swam as he thrust the spring-loaded camming device into a crack and anchored the cable. He swung to his right and sank to the rocky seat. The stones settled below him and silence filled the darkness where he sat tucked out of the light from Heaven.

Two days ago he was a slap-happy player in love with Gwenie since childhood, but content to drink life’s single pleasures a while longer. Now the need to take hold of a more profound passion that seemed as fragile as one of Dad’s orchids burned in his soul. The breeze whipping around him blew away images of fast rides through Fairwilde with a blond or a brunette laughing beside him. He needed Gwenie. Please Lord, let her be alright waiting for me.

He stretched out his legs then rubbed his palms together. Upward.

He swung out, grabbed hold of the beanstalk, pulled up with his hand and pushed with his foot as a blast of strong wind swayed the sturdy stem. The stars grew dim then disappeared as clouds rolled over them. Raindrops hit his head while lightning flashed, lighting up the sky—nothing but dark space as far as he could see. Then the flash.

He pulled up with his hand and pushed with his right foot—pulled up with his hand and pushed with his right foot again and again through the black void cut by occasional lightning. The tiny glow from the lamp on his helmet did little good in this storm. Another burst of air whipped around him, and the plant quivered. He touched a flat spot. The one Fernando told him to look for? He moved his fingers around it.

Yes. Relief as strong as the gust that bent the trees swept over him. The top. He wanted to shout I’m here Gwenie! into the stormy night over and over, but instead he leaned forward trying to see a way into the cabin.


Jack Greenthumb’s a great guy. He’s young and comes from a well-to-do family, so he’s been having fun riding girls around in his new car. However, when his dad’s attacked and his true love kidnapped, one quickly sees he’s courageous, determined and devoted to his family and girlfriend. Fortunately, he’s also a champion rock and mountain climber.



Award-winning author Gail Pallotta’s a wife, Mom, swimmer and bargain shopper who loves God, beach sunsets and getting together with friends and family. A former regional writer of the year for American Christian Writers Association, she won Clash of the Titles in 2010. Her teen book, Stopped Cold, finished fourth in the 16th Annual Preditors and Editors readers’ poll and was a finalist for the 2013 Grace Awards. She’s published short stories in “Splickety” magazine and Sweet Freedom with a Slice of Peach Cobbler. Some of her published articles appear in anthologies while two are in museums. Visit her web site at

GA Finalist Badge 2013






e-book of Mountain of Love and Danger

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Winner of the Rachel Van Dyken Got the Contract Blog Hop!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to help Rachel Van Dyken celebrate getting the big New York contract! And thank you to everyone who left a comment. I used to choose the winner of a copy of Finding the Way Back, and the lucky commenter is…


Congratulations, Jill! Thanks again for stopping by!


Blog Hop – Rachel Van Dyken Got the Contract!

We’re having a big ol’ party, er, blog hop to help author Rachel Van Dyken celebrate some awesome news. She’s received a contract from Grand Central Publishing for her two self-published books The Bet and Elite! And this is coming on top of The Bet spending the last few weeks on The New York Times bestseller list! Way to go, Rachel! You rock, girl!

In case you didn’t know, Rachel is a multi-published (and very talented) author. Check out some of her gorgeous covers! (psst…if you click on the cover, it will take you to the book’s page on the publisher’s website)

The Ugly Duckling Debutante cover art The Seduction of Sebastian St. James cover art The Redemption of Lord Rawlings cover art

And now, because Rachel is such a sweetheart and insisted on it, here’s the cover and blurb for my most recent release, Battlefield of the Heart.

Battlefield of the Heart cover artWhat started out as a bit of research for a sociology paper quickly turns into much more than Cindy ever expected. But can she survive Danny’s PTSD long enough to form a relationship with him?

Cindy Waymire, a college senior in search for a topic for an upcoming sociology paper, finds more than a topic when she meets Army veteran and college freshman Danny Flynn outside the student union. An undeniable attraction to this troubled veteran leads her on a difficult and wind-ing path that brings her to a crossroads — get into a relationship with a man who has serious mental health problems or turn her back on one of the best men she’s ever met.

Can Cindy set her fears aside and follow her heart, or will the ghosts haunting Danny’s mind end their relationship before it begins?


Battlefield of the Heart is available from Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and most online booksellers.

Now for the fun part. Because this is a blog hop, I’m giving away an ebook copy of my self-published book, Finding the Way Back. Entering is easy. Leave a comment, and your name goes into the (virtual) hat. Then on May 20, 2013, I’ll use to pick the winner.

Want to know more about the prize? Here are the cover and blurb:

Finding the Way Back cover artNurse practitioner Hazel Baker is stunned when the Agency asks her to take a traumatized field agent home with her. Her immediate concern is how it will affect her four-year-old daughter. But, after meeting the broken man, she can’t deny him the opportunity for healing and opens her home to him. If only she could find a way to help him regain the ability to speak, which he lost after being captured during a mission…

Ian Grant may not have a voice, but he still has a conscience — something many of his colleagues at the Agency seem to have lost. Their unethical behavior set back his recovery from the torture he endured, but his move to Hazel’s house gives him hope that perhaps someone truly does care about him, not just what he knows. But can Hazel’s gentle presence and her daughter’s innocence help him find the strength to fight against the corruption riddling the Agency?


If you’d like to purchase a copy (and I would be ever so grateful!), Finding the Way Back is available from Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online booksellers.

Be sure to visit the rest of the blogs in the hop! You can find a complete listing here.

Sweet Saturday Sample – Jordan’s Battle

In light of Jordan’s Battle being nominated for Best Novella/Short Story Work for the RONE Awards, I thought this would be a good day to share a taste of the book. (I’d love to have your vote in the RONE Awards poll if you think my book is deserving.)


Jordan's Battle cover artJordan spotted Alaina approaching from the opposite direction with three other people.

She lifted a shapely eyebrow when they met by the closed metal doors. “Have you all met each other?”

Jordan scanned the unfamiliar faces and shook his head. “Not yet.”

“In that case, Jordan Blake, meet Greg Parker, Devon Marshall, and Jana Stevens. They’re all programmers, like me.”

Alaina glanced at her friends. “Jordan is the new IT guy who’s going to become our webmaster at some point.”

“Rock on!” Greg pumped his fist with a grin. “Dude, you have saved my life.”

“What?” Jordan shifted his questioning gaze to Alaina as Abe brushed against his leg.

She laughed. “Greg hates working on the website, but he’s good at it, so he gets volunteered regularly. Since you’re going to take over the work on the site, he won’t have to deal with it anymore.”

“Ah.” Abe nosed Jordan’s leg again, and he reached down to reassure the dog he was okay with a quick pat to the head. Yes, Greg’s reaction had sped up his heart rate, but he felt as calm as he could, considering he was going to lunch with his brand new coworkers.

Devon pressed the call button for the elevator as Jana stepped closer to Jordan. “Cute dog,” she said with a friendly tone. “What’s his name?”

“Abe.” He looked at the dog, who now sat beside him. “Greet.”

The dog glanced at him, then lifted his right front paw and held it out toward Jana. She laughed and leaned down to shake the large paw, earning a wag of his tail. When she straightened, she met Jordan’s gaze with a sparkling smile. “He certainly is polite, isn’t he?”

“Absolutely.” He scratched behind Abe’s ears. “I wouldn’t have my boy be any other way.”


You can purchase a copy of Jordan’s Battle from Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Be sure to stop by Sweet Saturday Samples for links to more tasty excerpts!

Nominated for the RONE Awards

I’m so excited! Two of my books, Imperfect Beauty and Jordan’s Battle, have been nominated for Best Novella/Short Story Work in the RONE Awards! It is such an honor to be nominated, not once, but twice. Voting for this category starts today and runs through May 9. If you feel so inclined, I’d appreciate your vote!

You can find the poll here.

Imperfect Beauty cover artBlurb:

A visit to the Highland games goes awry for Alasdair Buchanan when his cousin abandons him in the crowd. His guide dog is terrible at describing the sights, but he does a great job of finding the river. Too bad Alasdair has no clue where that river is in relation to his cousin’s apartment.

When Trisha Wright stops to speak with him in her angelic voice, Alasdair is certain his cousin did him a favor by abandoning him. Trisha loves the Scot’s flirtatious ways and basks in his compliments, but she can’t shake the fear that he’ll hate her when he learns the truth about her—a truth everyone can see but him.

Imperfect Beauty is available from Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.


Jordan's Battle cover artBlurb:

Computer programmer Alaina Howard has a new office mate, and she couldn’t be happier that he’s handsome and unattached. Although initially uncertain of his position in the company, she quickly realizes that he’s good at his job and a valuable asset. If only she knew why the seemingly non-disabled man needed a service dog, things would be perfect.

Army veteran Jordan Blake is thrilled to get a job that allows him to pursue his dream of learning web development. The position is even sweeter thanks to the beautiful woman he shares an office with. The only drawback is that she seems suspicious of his need for a service dog to assist with an invisible disability.

Will Alaina’s suspicion and Jordan’s reluctance to talk about his disability keep them from developing the relationship they both desire?

Jordan’s Battle is available from Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

We have winners!

Thank you to everyone who commented on J.F. Jenkins’s interview! The two winners of her giveaway have been selected using Winner #1 will receive a copy of The Corruption of Mila as well as their choice of title from J.F. Jenkins’s backlist. Winner #2 will receive a copy of The Corruption of Mila.

And now, without further ado, here are the winners!

Winner #1 – Patricia Kiyono

Winner #2 – Wendy